Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not Adding Up

It's very surprising to me how resistant I am to saving. If all goes to my debt elimination plan I am still 9-months away from being able to start seriously saving, but it is shocking how my perception of saving over the years is so skewed.

I have wasted tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years. Literally, WASTED. I once wrote an $18,000 check as a down-payment on a new car (along with a trade in and a loan) and that value essentially evaporated the second I drove the car off the lot; I've sold items on eBay for not even a tenth of what I originally paid for them. I've definitely experienced firsthand the difference between cost and ultimate worth.

And yet, I've recently realized that my perception of contributing a high percentage of my income to my 401(k) or sending a significant amount to a savings account or IRA (even though I wouldn't think twice about wasting that same amount or sending it to American Express) has always been negative. I can't fathom how the never ending cycle of borrowing and repaying on credit cards has seemed more favorable than paying myself and having control of my own money.

I'm very rational and very logical, but when it comes to money I just don't add up. It's amazing what a little research and a good budget can teach you about yourself.

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